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Domestic flights

1 - Iran Air

For  booking  the  tickets  from  any of  Iranian Airlines  for  International  or Domestic routs, you should just send an email to us 


Iranian Airways" was established in May 1944, Its first passenger flight after the World War II from Tehran to Mashhad. Within a period of 17 years (1945-1962) this airline developed into a major domestic Route with a few international flights. With other countries and also securing more welfare and comfort for Iranians, provided the conditions for the board of ministers to ratify a proposal suggested by road minister to establish a national Airline corporate on February 10th, 1961. Following this decision, on February 24th, 1961 "Iranian Airways" and " Pars Air " merged to form a new airline as " IranAir" with the acronyms and the symbol of "HOMA" bird and this new airline commenced its activities in April 1962.

Covering the domestic aviation transportation needs by observing the safety principles and forming transportation services with neighboring countries and long distance routs.
At present, Iran Air flies to 35 international and 25 domestic destinations.

You can see the flight routs of Iran Air at below image 

2 - Mahan Air

Domestic routs of Mahan Air in Iran as below Image

3 - Aseman Air Line