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Iran Women Tour


Safety Tips for Solo Women Travelers

Perhaps you have longed to travel to Mountains or visit the museums of Iran or backpack through America, but you haven’t managed to convince family members or friends that this could be full of fun.

They may have convinced you that traveling on your own is unsafe, therefore you’ve put off your dream waiting for the appropriate travel partner. Infact a woman traveling on her own does need to take a few extra precautions, but adhering to the following advice can result in rewarding and trouble-free journey to IRAN.


Before you set out, consider what luggage you will carry, how you will keep your important personal belongs (passport, money, camera, etc.) safe.

Pack all of your neccessary belongings in a combination roll aboard/backpack. A 22 inches (or smaller) bag can be used as a carry-on. This type of bag can be quickly strapped on your back if you are walking up stairs or if you need to quickly get out of a sticky situation. It then easily converts into rolling luggage as you make your way through an airport or hotel lobby. so determine your ability to carry your own luggage for at least 10 min. 

Traveling light is not only easier, but it’s safer  than carrying multiple heavy bags.

For daily use, carry a day bag, This will prevent it from being sliced open and the contents stolen or the strap being cut while it hangs across your shoulder. 

Considered your one “personal item” in-flight, these are small enough to fit under the seat in front of you on a plane but large enough to hold a guidebook, journal, water bottle and camera. remember to check Airplane cabin allowed items and size.  

Your passport and cash are going to be the most important items you take with you during your travels in Iran. 

Keep these in a neck pouch or money belt, both of which should be worn under your clothes.

A thief will have little chance at snatching either one of these from you But generally the statistics of rubbery of Tourists are in Iran.









Sexual Harassment

It may be difficult to completely escape one form or another of sexual harassment but the degree varies depending on the country or city you’re visiting. Rules in Iran is Islamic and public Harassment is strongly prohibited in another hand in Iranian culture people are very hospitality and kind but obviously there are human too like other places, according to our experience during many years the reports of this negative behaviors were rare, at continue there are some advices for avoiding some tasks in Iran.   


Dress conservatively. 

 Follow the lead of the local women and cover up the appropriate amount of skin based on what they are wearing, In Iran depends on situation and area it is variant, you will find out what to do in each area.

Avoid dangerous situations altogether.

It’s all too easy to find yourself walking down an empty street at night after taking a wrong turn. The best path to avoid harassment is not getting yourself into a potentially dangerous situation in the first place. In our Solo tours you will find your self as a backpacker and in another hand you will be safe with our supports and staffs.  


There is no important point regard to buses, it is safe generally.

Say you’re married, whether you are or not. 

Most cultures don’t understand how a woman could be traveling alone also some areas in Iran. If you wear a wedding ring fake one, also have a photography of your boy friend or brother, you can say that he is waiting for you or  he is joining you later.


Generally hotel space in Iran are safe, according to police security rules, non residents can’t enter the rooms hall or can’t visit guests at their room.

For woman solo Iran tours we provide all contacts and data of hotels, our tour operation dept. and emergency contacts and guides.

Our hotels well-located in a safe neighborhood. 


Some other advices :

1. Don't be afraid to ask for help. The answers may not only lead you on the correct direction but also give you the name of a friend to look for when you get there.

2. Don't be afraid to talk to people on your journey. 

 Talk to the locals, they love to talk and ask many questions, also be safe and smart on situations and people you are talking. Usually in our tours we arrange some local excursions, it is 100% trustful and safe.  

3. Double check the dates and times on tickets. Maybe because of working load and traffic of tours at one item you found a mistake on tour chart, immediately inform responsible staff to fix it.  

4. Trust people. You can trust Iranians 99 %.  

5. Be appreciative. Always show your appreciation of the beauty around you.

6. And last, be open—open to experience the most unforgettable and mysterious trip to Iran.


Woman Tour Features : 

1 - You have a guided trip, means there is no worry about any negative things. 

2 - You can chose the sexuality of your tour guide, female Iran tour guide or male tour guide, both are helpful and trustful. 

3 - You can swimming and enjoying the sun bath and Persian gulf beaches in Kish Island. 

 On kish island, there are special swimming resorts for ladies, of course men not allowed to enter, They can swimm everwhere.   

Please inform us if you interested to visit Kish Island or swimming to put this destination at your itinerary. 


Feel free to check out our itineraries which created with different point of views so let us know in wich you interested then we make it customized in detailed parts according to your conditions and favorites.

Send  your  request  to  Irantour(at)IranJourney.com