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Is Iran Safe  to Visit ?


Iran  Safety  and  Security  For  Tourists

 At  the First  Days of new year, 2014 Many Medias In The world released a list of top Destinations for 2014, Iran was among this list, ,, Whatever  in the list from   THE FINANCIAL TIMES , Iran is placed at the first Score. 

Read more : 1- http://www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/2/e4f47a04-6972-11e3-89ce-00144feabdc0.html#axzz2pWCH0Nzq

                  2 - http://www.theguardian.com/travel/2014/jan/03/holiday-hotspots-where-to-go-in-2014

Is  it  safe  to visit  Iran ?   

  All  headlines  on  the  news  and  media  are  very  different  to  what  travelers  face  and  experience  in  Iran.  Our preconception  and  negative  thoughts  about  Iran  were  changed,  travelers  said  at  the  second  day  of  their  trip !

The US Government and most Western countries  have a lengthy travel warning for Iran. While not advising you to ignore this warning, I do advise that you balance it with direct accounts of Americans and many other travelers who have recently visited the country.  The country is beautiful, the history is rich, and the people are eager to demonstrate their almost-sacred commitment to hospitality

The  best  manner  to  get  Answer  is  asking  the  travelers  who  visited  Iran,   we encourage  you  to  visit  and  join  our  page on  face book .    


                                   iransafety and security iran is safe                                                    

Iran – Crazy  to  go  or  crazy  not  to go ?

  Before departing home to Iran my friends and specially my father and mother told me that you are crazy, between  many safe countries you are going to IRAN !!! A  majority of travelers said   also  they add  we wish to traveled  sooner to  Iran. 

And  in  another  case, Someone  from  Spain  foreign  affairs  asked  us  to  change  our  plan  not  to  go  because  Iran  is  not  a  safe  destination but  now  we  are  here  and  we  see  that  despite  what  we heard  it is  safe  and  somehow  it is  safer  than  other   countries   hence  we  are  happy  regard  to  our  decision,  two  Spanish  travelers  said. 

We  are speaking  from  experience  that  Iran  is  very  safe   for  travelers   from  all  around  the  world  and  everyone  is  welcome .

We recommend you to visit the following web page which created by an American Traveler to Iran, click Here 




Is  it  Safe  to  travel  to  Iran   2013-2014 ? 

    Ignore  the  media   News , your  chances  of   facing   anti-Western   or  violent  sentiment   as  a   traveler   are   Zero  .

The answer is yes …. Let me have some explanations about  it  , what kind of  dangerous  factors  will  be threaten  you  ?!  

For  example  :

1 - Theft  of  property :

Now days  in  Iran  99  percent  of  Theft  of  property  refers  to  Car  and  vehicle  parts ; so  it  has  a big  risk  to  come  to  you  for  your  bag  that  maybe  contains  a camera, water bottle, some  banknotes, souvenirs  in the touristy  places  or  public ;

If  you  avoid  to  go  to very dark  and  lonely  streets  you are  safe  of course  that  some  touristy  places  crosses  through  lonely and  narrow  alleys  but  with  a Reliable guide  go  there  and  enjoy  your  visiting !       

2 - Anti-Western   or  violent  sentiment   :

     Your  chances  of   facing   anti-Western   or  violent  sentiment   as  a  traveler  are Zero , why  ?  Iranians  are very  interested  to  say  hello  to you  or  meeting you  and  talk  to you, Iranians  are  peace full  and  they  do not have  any   enmity   to  the  travelers ; of course that  many  years  ago  there  were  some  security  cases  in  sistan baloochestan  province  ( near Pakistan border ) but  now days  these area is safe as far as backpackers  since 3 years ago continued  their  trip  to Pakistan  by land  !     

Most   people  are  genuinely  friendly  and  interested  to  know  about  you   and  your  country  and  your  culture  , so  leave  aside   your   preconceptions  and   come  with   an  open   mind .




3 – Arrest  because  of  your  dress  or  Islamic  wear ( for female travelers ) :

  We  are  here  to  support  our  travelers  regard  to  their  dress  so  we provide you  many different  and  beauty options  to  choose; just  you need  to  take one of them  and  we  will mail  it to your address in order to ensure about what to wear for entering to Iran ; 

In 0.0001%  what will happen if the police officer asked you for your dress if you obeyed rules ! you should just say sorry and try to cover more your hair and hands because these rules are general and officers enact them via their believes and personally understanding .... The highest level of facing police takes some minutes to do some paper work only. there is no jail penalty for dress or a little non Islamic cloths. by the way it does not mean that police usually come to you, not at all, many travelers to Iran meet police officers only at airports ! 

In some of areas and situations there is no problem to remove your scarf or wear t shirts for ladies, you will find out where.   

As a final word  : Trust  us  and  follow  us  .    




4 – Arresting  because  of  your  nationality  :

As a British citizen, Is it dangerous to travel to Iran?

As a United states citizen, Is it dangerous to travel to Iran ?

  British  and  united states  citizens  are  very  welcome  and  they  will  be 100%  safe  in a  tour, there  two nationalities  can travel across  Iran, everywhere  they  are  interested , just let us  know  your  desired  destinations , we  will  offer  you  a  tour package , your  only  job  is  enjoying  your  trip !

 since  current year and last year the number of United state citizens and British citizens  as traveler  are increased in Iran .  

5 - Avoids !  

While you follow our advices and  respect  to local laws  , there is nothing to worry  about, absolutely nothing. just  try  to  stay away from any  demonstrations / gatherings, avoid  photography  of   military areas and  governmental  property ( police or military vehicles – courthouse – military garrisons and  towers and  prisons ). 

6 - Getting  sick  by  water  or  food !  

  The   water  is  clean  and   the  food  is  safe.  At  the  most  areas  food  composed  with  fresh  raw  materials  yet  we

recommend  travelers to drink from  bottled water as long as they are in Iran.  


7 - Virus  infection  !


Most  areas  are safe  to visit  ,it  is very  less likely   to  get  sick  in Iran . viruses  we are  talking  about  such  as  Typhoid fever, Flu or …

Keep away from people with  flu or cold symptom .

Avoid   eating  vegetable  and  salads in  restaurants  at  unhealthy Alerts .


We keep our  travelers  Alert  and  update  while  they  are  traveling  in  Iran .  


As  an  British  or  United  state  citizen  is it safe to visit  Iran  ?


Yes , you are welcome  and Iran government  will  issue the visa  for our  clients .

The Swedish Embassy has assumed the role of Protecting Power for British and USA interests in Iran from 15 July 2012.  British nationals requiring urgent consular assistance should therefore contact the Swedish Embassy in Tehran.  The British Interests Section will provide British nationals with emergency consular assistance only .


There are  many  times  that   the  British  embassy   in  Tehran  closed  and  then  opened !




U.S.  citizens  in  Iran  : 

  Iranians  are  enthusiastic  to  see  Americans  in  their  country  and  your  interactions  with  them  will  certainly  be  the  highlight  of   your   trip.  If   you   can travel on the next  vacation , let  us  help  you !

 We  have  outlined  the steps to getting into Iran below

Register for a tour of Iran. now days  Americans need to be registered with a tour to go to Iran. 

Just  let us  know  your  favorite  itinerary  or  Plan  then  we  arrange  for  a  private  tour ,  also   in  case  of   group  request  ,  the  tour  price  became  very cheap  rather than  low number  requests . 

no one in Iran actually cares and police/military personnel never checked your  passports or credentials – they  are  much more interested in meeting  foreigners  and  saying " hello " . 

People  will be  prepared  to  help you in  any  difficulty –  it would  be  a  matter of national  pride. In general ,  Iranians are warm, friendly and generous individuals with a strong interest in foreigners and other cultures.

Emergency  Numbers  in  Iran :   

Police - Security cases and etc.  Dial   110

Search and  Rescue,  Fire Dept. ,  Animal attack, encountered  wild animals around, Elevator failure, Explosions  of  Gas pipe

or  cooking  devices  and   same  cases   Dial    125

Medical  Emergencies  Dial   115