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Local payment

Above :  Iranian Money

The vast majority of our tours do not include any local payments. We do however need to ask you to pay our local agents for some options locally, rather than in advance. This is normally done to ensure that we can offer you competitive prices that can be maintained at stable levels, irrespective of international exchange rate changes. Some of our cheaper tours also leave your entrance fees out of the main tour price, to give you more flexibility about exactly what you want to see and do while on the tour. Other things you need to budget for locally include any meals not included in the tour price, personal requirements such as laundry, drinks and snacks, and any tips you may wish to give

Full details of all  inclusions/exclusions, and local payments for any tours will be informed you before traveling to Iran .

Prices  in Iran  :

 1 - Mineral Water - 1 bottle    0.1 

 2 - Fast food   1- 6   

 3 - Persian Dish   2-5   

 4 - Taxi price for 15 min. driving in urban area  3  €  ( poor and cheap vehicles ) 

 5 - Internet Cafe  0.8 / 1 hour

6 - Hair dressing  for men  2-8 

7 - Hair dressing  for women  10-20 

8 - Dental check up  10 

9 - Dental Operation or cleaning  50-100 

10 - Domestic flights Approx.  30-50