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Iran Tailor Made Tour


We help you to make your own Tour package in Iran. send us your request to info[at]iranjourney.com


Left: Exploring amazing architectural and cultural attractions. Mosques in Shiraz and Isfahan, Mausoleums of Hafiz, Saadi, Khayyam,Ancient Kings

Right : Meeting Nomad people who live in tents still. Traditional texture and moving their tents and goats to warm lands before winter

L : Iran inherited about 12 World Heritage Sites, UNESCO heritage list in iran includes Persepolis, Tchoghazanbil, Bistoon, Sheikh Saffi, Solomon Thron etc.

R : Persian Old Gardens are lovely and sweet, First records refers to 550 BCE, Cyrus the great founded first Persian Gardens.

L :Iran Desert Adventures and Desert Monuments, such as Kalut, Black desert, Sand Dunes, Salt river, Dry Salt lake, Caravansary etc

R :Iranians have many Cultural events in Public & Private, Norooz, charshanbesoori, Flower Distillation, Ashoora, Sede festival etc

L : Mountaineering trips to Mt.Alam Kuh, Mt.Damavand, Mt.Dena, Mt.Sabalan etc.

R : Rappelling, Waterfall descending, Cave exploring and climbing and rock adventures etc

L :Ski holiday in Iran, in Dizzin ski resort or shemshak or Pooladkaf, could be combined with some days in Persian Gulf islands with warm water in winter, Scuba Diving !

R :Live shows of Persian Orchestras and Choir groups in Tehran and Shiraz city

The tour itineraries detailed on this website can be done by joining a small-group, or if you prefer, by yourselves on a private departure. We do offer some flexibility on both of these, and you can add extra nights or extensions to either end of the tour as well as various options during the main itinerary itself.

However, if you are unable to find the perfect tour for you on our website, or if our group tours don’t leave on a convenient date, then we would be delighted to customize a tailor-made itinerary for you. You can pick and choose the bits you like best from our set tours, let us know what level or style of accommodation you prefer, select any particular hotels you'd like to stay in, and let us know about any special interests you may have.

Our travel consultants will then build an itinerary for you, perhaps adding in some of their own suggestions, and taking into account practicalities on the ground with regard to driving times, Bus coaches or train start dates etc. We'll also send you some suggestions and quotes. You'll have the opportunity to make as many or as few changes as you like, as we want the final result to be a really special and memorable holiday for you.

Tailor-made Tours

We often work with affiliated groups, including schools and societies, so if you are an organization, business or society or if you are an individual traveler looking for a tailor-made tour for your friends or family, please contact us and our staff will be happy to help you in building your favorite trip.

What to do next...

If you are interested in tailor-made tours please send your request to >> Info[at]iranjourney.com to give us some ideas about when you'd like to travel and what you'd like to include. We may come back with some more simple questions to help us, and will then send you an initial itinerary for your comments and suggestions for any amendments. We'll then send you prices and start checking availability. You are also very welcome to telephone, fax or email us ( contact us ) directly, or visit us here in our office in Shiraz .

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