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Heart of Civilization

Heart  of  Civilization
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Travel to the heart of culture and civilization

Top Image is showing Chogha zanbil, World heritage site, Ancient Persian Elamite Temple one of the few existent ziggurats outside of Mesopotamia, It was built about 1250 BC by the king Untash-Napirisha. Current package offers a circle trip all around Iran, starts from Tehran city, goes to the western provinces such as Kermanshah and Hamedan – Khuzistan, then we drive to east, Shiraz, City of poem and Love … did you know Farsi language is the most powerful languages in the world so at a Poem meeting your guide read easily the poems of Hafiz which created 700 years ago. You will visit Persepolis world heritage site where founded by Darius King the GREAT 518 BCE. Around Yazd city you will experience Desert and sand dunes, this area is called LOOT Desert where is the hardest desert areas to Cross , our tour will take you at the border lines of this desert so you will safe. Exploring the silent history, feel the Ancient people and embrace the cultural diversity of Iran, Follow the path of the author of the first human rights charter, Cyrus the Great, and his organized Empire at world heritage sites like Persepolis , Pasargadae , Bhistoon and Susa. it is a trip on the great civilization circle in Iran . See How Iran became the most important civilization in the near east.

Day 1     Warm greeting

Warm greeting at Tehran imam-khomeini airport - transfer to hotel for rest and relaxing

Day 2     Tehran city

After a free morning , meet for lunch after visiting National museum, impressive not only for its exhibits but for the building itself, constructed in the early 1920s as a private residence for a prominent local family and later housing the Egyptian Embassy.

Day 3     To Ecbatana

Drive to hamedan where was the civilized city on the ancient royal road to Baghdad ,Alavian Tower where present the Seljuq Art style in Persia. Visit the Tomb of Esther and Mordechai of Biblical fame as well as the Tomb of Avicenna.a world-renowned astronomer and physician of the tenth century. Ganjnameh ,Achaemenid rock carving is located ,which engraved on two stone panels

Day 4     Sasanid Dynasty

Early morning departure for Kermanshah city ,takes us via the ruins of the Sasanian site,temple dedicated to Anahita,the beneficent divinity of water,are to be found. Finally visiting Tagh-é Bostan in Kermanshah ends our day .

Day 5     Bisotoon

We visit the incredible Achaemenid bas-reliefs at Bisotoon,one of the most famous Near Eastern archaeological sites and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Day 6     SUSA

Today’s all-day trip takes us to Ahvaz city. the impressive ziggurat of Chogha Zanbil as well as the ancient city of Shush. En route to Ahvaz we visit some other sites if time permit us.

Day 7     To shiraz

Today’s long drive to Shiraz takes us through the oil-rich province of Khuzestan and the tribal areas of Mamasani, into the upland province of Fars,En route, visit the magnificent Elamite sanctuary at Kurangun where, after a small amount of climbing. At Bishapur, explore the remains of the city of King Shapur I, and six important rock carvings at Tang-e Chogan

Day 8     Explore Shiraz

Explore Shiraz, the City of Roses and Poem and art . pink-tiled, Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque and the Narenjestan Gardens. Visit the tomb of Hafez, Iran's greatest lyric poet. spend some time in the famous Shiraz bazaar.

Day 9     Persepolis

Drive to persepolise (Takht-é Jamshid),walk through the palaces and temples that is said to be one of the architectural wonders of the world. Massive winged bulls, derived from Assyria but given a characteristic Persian stateliness.

Day 10     To Yazd

Pasargadae, impressive, elevated Tomb of Cyrus, and different sections of the ancient Palace: the Residential Palace, the Audience Hall, the Gatehouse, and the curious Soleiman Prison. Continue to Yazd and overnight in this city

Day 11     Zoroastrians

Many old buildings have magnificent wind towers, with large underground areas to circulate cooling air. Yazd has been a Zoroastrian center since Sassanian times. Tower of Silence and Zoroastrian Fire temple ,Camel riding and Sand dunes are today's highlights .

Day 12     To west

Driving to isfahan ,The capital of the Safavids from the 16th century on, Naqsh-e Jahan, created in the 17th century as the center of the city. The huge, open plaza is framed by a wall of arches and surrounded by two of the Islamic world's most impressive mosques, the Masjed-e Sheikh Lotfollah and the Masjed-e Emam. Both houses of worship contain magnificent architecture and tile-work.

Day 13     Vank

Today visit Friday Mosque ,Chehel setoon ,Vank Cathedral, built in the imperial style and one of the first churches to be established in the city's Jolfa district

Day 14     Back to Tehran

This morning,drive back to Tehran stopping to sightsee at the famous Fin Gardens in Kashan along the way. Overnight in the Hotel Laleh

Day 15     Tehran History

Today explore the capital city of Tehran. Begin in the Golestan Palace, part of a complex of royal buildings. Visit the Reza Abbasi Museum with artifacts from the 2nd millennium BCE to the 20th century CE. Gather this evening for our final dinner together Overnight in the Hotel Laleh

Day 16     Home

We wish all the best , Have a nice flight to home

Tour Facts

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Participants : Min. 2 Persons

Pink Mosque
Shiraz Eram Garden
Shahpoori house
Zoroastrian Temple
Ali sadr cave
Taghe Bostan
Bhistoon bas relief
Chogha zanbil
Naghshe jahan Sq
Siyo se pol

Air conditioned Vehicle
Private Car – Mini bus
Private motor-Coach

Tehran Int. Air port

Every Day

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None just for Souvenir



Lunch or Dinner

Tehran City :
4 Nights Hotel Laleh (5-star)

Hamedan City :
1 Night Hotel Boo ali (4-star)

Kermanshah City :
2 Nights Hotel Jamshid(4-star)

Ahvaz City :
1 Night Hotel Pars (4-star)

Shiraz City :
3 Nights Hotel Homa (5-star)

Yazd City :
2 Nights Hotel Moshir-ol-mamalek(4-star)

Isfahan City :
2 Nights Hotel Abbasi(5-star)

Included in package :
Tour guide accompaniment

All Sightseeing and Transfers

Entrance Fees to Museums and Sites

Visa invitation

All airport transfers