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Civilization Road

Civilization Road
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Civilization Road

Tehran National Museum gives you an image of the History of Iran plateau, Golestan palace in Tehran one of the world heritage sites in Tehran is like a diamond on this journey. In kashan city we will visit Sialk excavated Archaeological site.

As we continue in Isfahan, Naghshe jahan square and jaame mosque are the two most important places to see in this city.

Shiraz the city of wonders and the province full of marvelous attractions, Persepolis world heritage site and naghshe rostam, also Pasargadae, also Shapour King statue at the entrance of a cave is one of the most mysterious points in shiraz, city break and then departing to Mesopotamia Neighbor, Shushtar hydraulic system and Tchogha zanbil the first worship places of the first settlements. In lorestan province, mir malas rocky shelter is keeping the amazing paintings of primitive human in Zagros mountains. Kermanshah province has Behistoon mountain with many stories about kings, civilizations, love stories and primitive people, It is all will surprise you also Anobanini bas relief a bit far from city is one of the firsts bas reliefs in Iran.

Day 1-2     Tehran

Warm Greeting and welcome at Airport, transfer to hotel for relaxing and rest. Principle Sightseeing ion Tehran is Golestan Palace and National Museum

Day 3     Kashan

Driving to Kashan city where tiles came from, Fin garden a reflection of Persian Gardens also telling us a tragic event from Iran political history. Sialk Teppe excavated archaeological site refers to about 6000 BC is one of the first human settlements on the earth. O/N in Kashan Historic hotel

Day 4-5     Isfahan

3 hours Driving from Kashan take us to Isfahan, main places to visit are siyo-se pol and chehel setoon, and naghshe jahan sq. O/N in Hotel in Isfahan 5th day we visit naghshe jahan sqr. with amazing mosques after lunch we drive to Shiraz.

Day 6-7-8     Shiraz

First morning in Shiraz, we start our sightseeing with the attractions in the city, Pink Mosque, Naranjestan Garden and Citadel, Hafiz & Saadi mausoleum etc. today we enjoy the lunch in a traditional restaurant with live music. Next day we have an excursion to the west of Shiraz through Zagros mountains and beautiful mountain road. Light hiking to the Shapur King Cave... mysterious giant cave with a statue of the King.
Day 8th, Persepolis excursion, world heritage site and visiting Naghshe rostam, both are the most amazing places in Iran

Day 9     Susiana Land

After having the break fast we depart to Ahvaz city, en-rout visiting Bishapour ruins and Tange Chogan Bas-reliefs.
By entering the Khuzistan province we face to the natural gas field where the gas come out through the soil naturally and you can see some flames on the ground, at afternoon we arrive at hotel and having rest until tomorrow.

Day 10     Elamite

Today we back to 3200 years ago, excursion trip to one of the few existent ziggurats outside of Mesopotamia. It lies approximately 42 km (26 mi) south-southwest of Dezfoul, 30 km (19 mi) west of Susa and 80 km (50 mi) north of Ahvaz, It is an Elamite complex dated back to 1250 BC. Another highlight in this region is Shushtar Historical hydraulic system which refers to Sassanid Era, It has been registered on UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites in 2009. O/N in Ahvaz

Day 11-12     Lor Ethic

Lorestan province hosted Lor ethics in Iran, of course other tribes and families of Lor people live in Chahar mahal bakhtiary Province and Ilam also Khuzistan Province but we know this area the center of one of the main groups of Lors. driving to Khoram abad from Ahvaz somehow takes the main time of the day on the road. The next day we have an excursion to the west of Loristan to explore the Cave paintings of Primitive human, light hiking in the mountains and hills so we need trekking or sport shoes for this day. we will visit the old castel in Khoram abad city.

Day 13-14     Kermanshah

Kermanshah province inherited the history of 4000 years ago til modern time, In the first day of arrival in this region we go to Behiston Mountain where collected one of the World Heritage sites from Darius King of Achaemenid Era 522 BC. also shekarchian cave ( Hunter cave ) tel us about pre-historic and primitive human. At another location we faced to a 3D rock from Parthian Empire (248 BCE – 224 CE.
Next day we drive to outside of city in order to see the ANOBANINI Bas-relief where a modern local school established.

Day 15-16     Home

We are finished with sightseeing on this journey, 15th day is a road day to Tehran, Also if time let us we can have a stop in Hamadan city as an optional task, Mausoleum of Avicenna, He is known of His most famous works, The Book of Healing – a vast philosophical and scientific encyclopedia – and The Canon of Medicine, On all aspects of medicine that became a standard medical text at many medieval universities and remained in use as late as 1650. we will arrive in Tehran at night, depends on flight time we directly go to Airport or we go to Hotel until flight time.

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Persepolis - Sialk Archaeological site - naghshe jahan sq. - Shapur cave - tchogha zanbil - shushtar - Mirmalas primitive paintings - Behiston bas-relief


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