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Iran Visa

Iran Visa - Iranian Visa

Welcome to Iran visa page

Here you will find out more about Visa Application Process .
Iran Visa issuance procedure:

Visa for Iran:

Here are the procedure involved in applying for your visa to Iran :

1- Applying your visa

2- Send us your Docs. (see next Tab)

3- Processing Length for your visa to Iran

You got to know that applying visa to Iran takes a little bit of time. Usually it takes about 1 to 2 weeks to get all your visa processing done and get your VISA code. We send it to your email address .

The visa authorization number, however, is valid only in the consulate you have asked us. The number we give you is just an "authorization". This reference number means that your visa has been authorized and approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs but it is not the visa itself.

4- You should refer to the consulate to lodge your passports and other Documents.

Iran visa Policy :

Almost all nationalities except Israeli nationals can get a visa to visit Iran. American nationals need to be included in a guided tour in order to be granted a visa. This tour can be a budget or All Inclusive Tour or easier conditions. send us your request to discuss on your case.

Iran visa fees:

1 - Fee for visa stamp/Consular fees

2 - Fee for visa code

Fee for visa stamp or Consular fee is mandatory, you may pay at Airport on Arrival OR in Embassy of Iran near your hometown, the amount of the Fee depends on your nationality.

Second Fee is not mandatory in some cases, as follows below :

*** Please be noticed all conditions and paths written at below are completely guaranteed by us and is practicable under our system however it doesn't mean that other agents will do the same.

How you can get a  FREE  visa code and invitation ?

a - Purchasing a round tour in Iran ( All Transfers + Hotels + Guides + sightseeing etc included )

b - Purchasing a travel service(s) as follows below with min. score 3 :

Domestic plane ticket ( 1 score per Ticket )
Hotel reservation ( 2* 1-Score,3* 2-Score,4* 3-Score Per Night for double room)
Car/Minibus transfer service ( Scores per Route | see below chart)
Bus Coaches or Train ticket ( 1 score per Ticket for all Routes)

c -Backpackers, In case of booking Min. 2 nights accommodation in two different cities ( 2-Star Hotel ) can get visa code for Free. Only available For below nationalities in 2015 :

Swedish - Danish - Netherlanders - Austrian - Norwegian

  ? How to calculate your score with few examples : ? 

 You are one person purchased 3-rout of flight so you got 3 Scores and you WON Iran FREE VISA CODE.

You purchase 1 flight and 1 night in 4* Hotel so you got 3 scores and you WON Iran FREE VISA CODE.

You are a group of 2 people ( or more ) and you reserve 1 night in 4* Hotel you got 3 Score but divided to Two people in one room and each of you got 1.5 Score so each of you need 1.5 scores more.

You are 2 people purchased 2 flight ticket for each AND you booked 2 nights double room in 3* Hotel so 4 scores from Hotel, means 2 scores for each from Hotel and 1 score from flight ticket, you got 3 scores and You WON Iran FREE VISA CODE.

Distance and Route, You are 2 people booked a transfer from Tehran to Shiraz, according to below table you got 6 scores so divided to 2 ( number of travelers who got the service ) then we have 3 scores for each, so You WON Iran FREE VISA Code.


Row Route Score Row Route Score
1 IKA Airport pick up 0.5 15 IKA 2-Way transfer         1
2 Tehran-Kashan 1.5 16 Kashan-Isfahan 1.5
3 Isfahan-Shiraz 3 17 Yazd-Shiraz 3
4 Shiraz-Kerman 3 18 Shiraz-Ahvaz 3
5 Shiraz-Tehran 6 19 Tabriz-Tehran 5
6 Tehran-Hamadan 1.5 20 Tehran-Saari 3
7 Hamadan-Kermanshah 1.5 21 Kermanshah-Ahvaz 4
8 Rasht-Tehran 3 22 Kerman-Yazd 2

Chartering per day up to 6h Driving

5 23 Yazd Excursions 3
10 Shiraz excursions 6 24 Ahvaz Excursions 4

But do not disappoint if any above options didn't match to you, email to us and we will help somehow. 



This is the online Iran visa application form that you need to fill and then click submit. We try to get your visa as soon as possible:

Name :
Last name :
Spouse name : If applicable
Sex :
Father name:
Marital Status :
Former Nationality :
Present Nationality :
Date of Birth : (mm/dd/yyyy) - -
City of Birthplace :
Country of Birthplace :
Passport Number :
Passport's Issuance Date :
Passport's Expiration Date :
Passport's Place of Issue :
Occupation :
Title of Position :
Field of Activity :
Work place Name :
Business Address :
Date of Previous Visit to Iran : If applicable
Estimated Arrival Date to Iran :
Estimated Duration of Stay in Iran:
Flight Details : If known
Preferred Iranian Embassy (city) to Receive your Visa :
Phone Number : Include country & city codes
Fax Number : Optional
Email address :
Address :
Comments and questions :
Security code :   Change picture


Obtaining visas for Iran is not as difficult as you think, in three steps

1 - Send an inquiry

Please send us below data by e-mail :

a - Colorful scanned image of the passport(s) (first and second page - Res. Min. 150 PX)
b - Name of father
c - Arrival date
d - Trip duration
e - Job title

2 - processing 

It takes 5 to 14 working days to issue the visa code. 




3 - Visa pick up or Visa Stamp

It is reccommended to apply for visa stamp at Embassy near your hometown. better to make a call and ask for necessary Docs then with the invitation code you get visa easily.